How BIFO will help Teachers:

The Olympiad is devised for first-generation investors in financial markets, with focus on developing basic skill-sets in regards to understanding of the financial instruments, their importance and significance, risk-reward matrix, sources of information, assessment and advisory services. Guide to Investing manual could be specially prepared, keeping in view the requirements of these investors.

As an educator this is also an opportunity for you to spread financial education and to teach the children how to manage money wisely. The need for such practical instruction is a serious one. The current money management behavior of young people indicates that they lack basic money management and numeracy skills which they essentially need to learn as they grow up. If you teach at a school that does not offer a full or partial course in money management or economics, we urge you to incorporate lessons into your social studies or math classes. Math teachers can use real-life money examples to help children understand finance better.

Even with little personal knowledge, individuals can avoid making mistakes by consulting with those who are more knowledgeable, including their educators and financial professionals. It is not enough to recognize that financial knowledge is low; you should also make the children understand that financial education matters in decision-making.

You will get a chance to work with your characteristics such as high talents and ability and patience, which also are correlated with financial decision-making. You will be nurturing your students towards making them responsible financial adults, individuals and citizens. Moreover you will be the torch bearers and guides for individuals who may choose to invest in acquiring financial knowledge.                                     2012 BSE Institute Ltd. All rights reserved | Disclaimer